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Jinan airline ticket buys a ticket ahead of schedule 2 tuck up sale! ! ! !
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0531-86622200 13375315757 of long-dated and favourable activity One, Preferential price case Buy ticket day number ahead of schedule Favourable discount Order a cabin seat or berth Range 30 days 19 tuck up E cabin home is one-way, roundtrip Cheng of Cheng, breach Cheng, couplet 20 days 23 tuck up 14 days 26 tuck up 10 days 33 tuck upExplain: The line of branch of marketable favourable discount, different trends that divides period changes, with NFD: Qing 疨 AT:AGive a ticket to be accurate. 2, Term of sale 1, applicable date: 2007Year10Month23Day- 2008Year03Month31Day(viatic date) 2, applicable airliner: All domestic flight numbers that carrier is SC (do not contain code to share *SC1XXX flight number)3, the time limit that buy a ticket: Before the airliner takes off 10 days, 14 days, 20 days, buy a ticket 30 days before (the day that contains passenger ticket to be filled, do not contain take off that day) . 4, favourable discount: 1) the favourable discount that before buying a ticket to carry according to correspondence, the day counts the correspondence in enjoying preferential price standard, sale price according to announce computation of favourable discount of × of Y cabin freight rate. 2) the discount reachs a condition and must not use with other privilege. 3) OK and mutual combination uses preferential price standard, or with normal cabin seat or berth combination is used. 5, passenger ticket fills: Long-dated privilege does not get an autograph to turn change the date is applicable passenger ticket: Be restricted electronic passenger ticket. 6, sell an unit: The ticket is bought on net of booking office of directly under of boat of the sale agent that home has hill boat authorization, hill, B2B, B2C. 7, the lot turns, OPEN, RQ: Do not allow, along with order along with carry out. 8, freewill change (change the date) : Do not allow, according to freewill return a ticket handle9, freewill return a ticket: 1) passenger ticket becomes invalid, bill section is not retreated. 10, this other use condition that favourable product did not state, with Shan Hang much grade cabin seat or berth manages rated condition to carry out. Greeting incoming telegram seeks advice, 0531-86622200 13375315757
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