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Civil aviation danger tastes carriage government regulation
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A chapter general principles

The 276.1st purpose and basis

Taste carriage management to augment civil aviation risk, ensure flight safety, basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " and " the decision that the administration that the State Council withholds to needing truly examines and approve project set administration to permit " (the State Council makes the 412nd your) , make this provision.

The 276.3rd suitable scope

Set those who apply to following aerostat to move originally:

(The civil aviation that A) registers in People's Republic of China implement;

(B) moves in churchyard of People's Republic of China outside the countryman uses aerostat.

The 276.5th is defined

The meaning of the diction in this regulation sets in appendix A.

The 276.7th main demand

(A) uses civil aviation implement (aerostat of the following abbreviation) the operation person that carry danger tastes, should go ahead of the rest is obtained bureau square danger tastes aviation to carry a license.

(B) executive danger tastes aviation to carry should satisfy following requirement:

(What 1) international Civil Aviation Organization releases is active and effective " danger tastes aviation safety to carry engineering instruction " (Doc9284-AN/905) , the additional data that includes classics international Civil Aviation Organization to council is approved and be announced and any appendices () of engineering instruction of the following abbreviation;

(Square danger tastes 2) bureau the add limitation condition in aviation carriage license.

Outside the 276.9th byelaw

(The certain goods that A) may be tasted by range danger originally and material, but ask according to concerning comfortable boat and section of transport guild regulations, or when the other and special account that states because of engineering instruction needs mount aerostat, do not accept the restriction of this regulation.

(B) the material to the carry on aerostat is to be used at replace or belonging to what be replaced (when the place in A) narrates article and material, outside allowing except engineering instruction, ought to carry by this regulation.

(C) is inside limits of engineering instruction regulation, passenger or the specific article that the machine member that comprise carries and material do not accept the restriction of this regulation.

The 276.11st administration

(Total bureau of A) China civil aviation (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) taste aviation to carry an activity to carry out supervisory management to providing the hazard inside 276.3 suitable scope originally; Accredit of according to of management board of civil aviaton district, supervisory management the danger inside this area under administration tastes aviation to carry an activity.

(B) bureau just ought to be restricted according to administrative power, to danger the sky that taste boat carries an activity to undertake supervisory checking.
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