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Civil aviation safety guards byelaw
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The 21st is made up, lade supply tasted unit to be tasted to loading the supply of aerostat, must assure its security.

The 22nd aerostat guards the job to be united by pilot in the safety in the flight responsible.

Aviation is safe member in pilot the leader falls, assume the particular job that safety guards.

Pilot, aviation is safe member with aircrew other member, ought to fulfil obligation strictly, protect civil aviation implement the safety that reachs its place to hold personnel and property.

When the 23rd pilot is carrying out a post, can exercise is following influence:

(one) before aerostat takes off, discovery did not take the safety precaution that this byelaw sets to aerostat about the respect, reject to take off;

(2) in aerostat flight, to the order inside disturbed aerostat, interference unit staff works normally and do not listen to dissuasion person, take necessary check step;

(3) in aerostat flight, to hijacking, destroy aerostat other perhaps the behavior that endangers security, take necessary step;

(4) when special situation is encountered in aerostat flight, to aerostat deal with to decide finally.

The 24th prohibits the behavior of order of carry of battalion of following and disturbed civil aviation:

(one) what buy in and sell at a profit buys ballot papers, passenger ticket and aviation transportation enterprises is effective order a proof;

(2) risk buy a ticket with other identity document, board the plane;

(3) use passenger ticket to hand in carry or the baggage article that incidentally is not him passenger;

(4) the article that will be checked without safety or takes other safety precaution loads aerostat.

Prohibit inside the 25th aerostat following behavior:

(one) smoke in area of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade;

(2) seat of race to control, baggage cabin (wear) ;

(3) fight, affray of excessive drinking, provoke;

(4) damage theft, intentionally or article of lifesaving of shift of do sth without authorization and equipment;

(5) the other action that endangers the order inside flight safety and disturbed aerostat.

The 4th chapter installs full inspection

The 26th takes civil aviation implement passenger and other personnel and the baggage article that its carry, must accept safe inspection; But, the State Council provides the exception that avoids check.

Reject to accept safe inspection, forbid to board the plane, loss proper motion is assumed.

Staff of the 27th safe examination ought to examine passenger passenger ticket, identity document and boarding check, use instrument perhaps reachs its baggage article to have safe examination to the passenger by hand, when necessary can from severe examination.

The passenger of already safe examination ought to be in await machine segregation area to wait to board the plane.
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