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Civil aviation statistic runs way
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The first works to organize civil aviation statistic effectively, ensure the accuracy of statistical data, seasonable sex and integrality, play statistic controls function, according to " law of statistic of People's Republic of China " (law of statistic of the following abbreviation) , " law of statistic of People's Republic of China carries out detailed rules " (law of statistic of the following abbreviation carries out detailed rules) and " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " make this way.

The main task that statistic of the 2nd civil aviation works is right state of affairs of development of our country civil aviation has statistic analysis of investigation, statistic, offer statistical data and statistic to seek advice, executive statistic is supervised.

This the 3rd method applies to civil aviation executive authority (executive authority of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) and those who undertake civil aviation activity is enterprise or business unit (civil aviaton of the following abbreviation is enterprise or business unit) .

Fund place says civil aviaton executive authority points to total bureau of Chinese civil aviation before (total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) reach civil aviaton regional administration; Civil aviaton is enterprise or business the unit points to include foreign airline inside all businesses that pursue civil aviation activity in Chinese churchyard and institution.

Total bureau of the 4th civil aviaton creates department of statistical management function (branch of statistic of total bureau of civil aviaton of the following abbreviation) , statistic of civil aviation of centralized management our country works.

Regional administration is in charge of civil aviaton the management that the civil aviation statistic of place administer area works.

Total bureau of the 5th civil aviaton strengthens the research of system of projects of pair of civil aviation statistic, quota, improve statistical method ceaselessly, raise scientific sex of statistic and authenticity, progressively implementation and system of quota of statistic of international Civil Aviation Organization conform.

Designedly improves civil aviaton total bureau the collection of statistical information and processing method, advance the modernization of statistical information system.

Executive authority of the 6th civil aviaton and civil aviaton are enterprise or business the unit ought to implement detailed rules and the provision of this method according to statistical law, statistic law, if provide statistical data on the spot, must not make a false report, hide the truth from newspaper, refus newspaper, must not forge, distort.

Executive authority of the 7th civil aviaton and civil aviaton are enterprise or business the controller of the unit, ought to supervise personnel of statistical orgnaization, statistic to abide the statistical system of total bureau of country and civil aviaton; Take the action of statistical information seriously, it is difficult that the problem of the harmonious, existence in solving statistic to work is mixed, improve statistical job condition, provide necessary facility.
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