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Overall and regular management sets Chinese civil airport
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Total bureau of Chinese civil aviation makes

The 96th

" civil airport overall planning administers a regulation " (CCAR166 - Ⅲ ) already conference of Wu of bureau of total bureau of Chinese civil aviation was passed on December 18, 2000, grant to announce now, apply since the day that announce.

Director: Liu Jianfeng

Two years on December 18

General principles of the first chapter

The first expands the government of the program to strengthen pair of civil airports, safeguard airport security moves and can develop continuously, make this provision.

This the 2nd regulation applies to civil airport and the army and the people operable airport is civil part (the following abbreviation " the airport " ) airport overall planning (abbreviation overall planning) management.

Airport overall planning includes airport total plane to plan.

Administration of the 3rd airport ought to weave according to the requirement of this regulation and sign up for this batch of airport overall planning.

The overall planning that builds the airport must via examining and approve rear can undertake initial design works; The airport overall planning in moving must via examining and approve rear can undertake changing, the early days of extend construction project works.

The airport overall planning via authorized approval is the basic basis that airport construction and development must abide by.

Overall planning of the 4th airport should be coordinated with photograph of urban overall planning. The work out of overall planning of airport of the 2nd chapter wants content of sue for peace

Overall planning of the 5th airport should unite a program, build in installment, satisfy the requirement of the near future and forward progress; Target of airport overall planning year, the near future is 10 years, long-dated for 30 years.

Overall planning of the 6th airport is satisfying airport security to move normally, below the premise that raises service level, abide by give priority to with functional partition, administrative division into districts is complementary principle; Functional partition and establishment system ought to distribution is equitable, capacity balance, satisfy the development need of aviation portfolio.

The relevant specification that overall planning of the 7th airport should accord with country and civil aviaton industry reachs normative requirement.

Overall planning of the 8th airport should accord with requirement of national national defense.

Overall planning of airport of the 9th work out ought to accord with following and main demand:

(one) flight division establishment and headroom should accord with safe service requirement;

(2) moderate of position of boat station area, have the plan that implements construction in installment; Seat number of station level ground and photograph of boat station building are harmonious, aerostat ground moves smooth; Land side traffic is convenient, orderly;
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